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Guests Name
Our Mistake
Phone Number
Transaction #
Resolved Init.
January 02 2020 0:00:00Chris CNo chicken in burritoReplace burrito and bogTy
January 02 2020 0:00:00Nicole PMissing 6 nuggets837895717Replace 6 count and bogTy
January 08 2020 0:00:00Nikki zeidanGot chicken biscuit instead of buttered biscuit4795446601Replace + BOGBC
January 13 2020 0:00:00Kristi SargentGot wrong bag303-759-5596Replace large spicy meal and large fryRC
January 20 2020 0:00:00Christopher BryanGot wrong bag, completely wrong order303-803-6343Replace reg spicy and Mac + BOGRC
January 21 2020 0:00:00MickeyMissed hashbrownReplace+BOGTy
January 23 2020 0:00:00Nicholas tadiaMissed a reg sandwich 7202403129Replace sandwich and bogKm
January 23 2020Steven DMissed 2 large friesReplace bogHs
January 29 2020 0:00:00 noelle tathaoMissed cfa sandwich 9704567177Replace sandwich & bogKm
January 31 2020 0:00:00Bob BellBreaded nuggets on COBB. Should have been grilled303 349 2200 Replace order on next visit & BOGJF
January 31 2020 0:00:00Delilah mitchellSpicy deluxe WITH American but gave with pepperjack and missed Mac and cheese7205227487Replace and BOGAs
February 07 2020 0:00:00Gary holtMissed 8 mealReplace BOGAs
Feb 8James MurdochMissed parts deluxe mealPromo reg OR spicy deluxe meal
February 10 2020 0:00:00Candace SchoeffMissed two kids mac n cheese(720) 456-5708Replace 2 kids mac n cheese and 2 BOG's (2 separate occasions) ty
2-24-2020Rose mochol(sp?)Missing 8 ct meal3367305Replace meal add cookie or sm milkshakeBud
February 28 2020 0:00:00Andy2 chicken burritos2 chicken burritos and BOGLC
March 02 2020 0:00:00Michael12 nugget 3033562622Replace12countap
March 03 2020Maria1 kids ice dream cup3038810588Replace ice dream cupEP
March 07 2020KimJust got filet instead of sandwich Replace
March 05 2020 0:00:00Megan billingerMissed two cfa san3035197476Replace bogAs
March 10 2020 0:00:00Courtney hentzMissed 4 count mini406 552 2873Replace entree + bogNABC
March 18 2020 0:00:00Elijah cedlianGot grilled instead of spicy720-641-0759Replace spicy and bog1Km
March19Cat ledyExtra crispy fries3123507550Drop fresh fries and bogVS
April 01 2020 0:00:00Becky WithersWrong market salad7042932290Replace + BOG?RC
April 01 2020 0:00:00Tim PendoMissed spicy sandwich7205571165Replace and bog3427258Jl
April 6Carmen BarradWrong sandwich3034893691Replace #6 breakfast bec Bud
April 6Gil sanchezWrong sandwich3036818050#7 mealBud
April 09 2020 0:00:00ChelseaHair in fryReplace with fry and BOGDPITy
April 09 2020 0:00:00AshleyMissing cfa sandwich7132567520Cfa sandwich3436738Bud
April 11 2020 0:00:00Angeleah lippincott3 -4 count minis tasted like soap303-408-2020Replace meals and bog$33.00Km
April 14 2020 0:00:00Christy DietzOnly 10 nuggetsReplace 12ct nug and bog1Ty
April 10 2020 0:00:00MarkGrilled instead of regular sandwichReplace sandwich and BOGNATS
April 23 2020 0:00:00Janet MadridMissed a large frosted coffee303-856-5104Replace the large frosted NaTy
April 23 2020 0:00:00Max whalenMissed 3 frys3038809478Repelace 3 frys6874Jl
April 24 2020 0:00:00Marcile HurdSandwich didn’t have cheese303-928-0328Spicy deluxe with cheese7539Ty
April 29 2020 0:00:00Scott PearsonMissed 12 ct nugget303-944-1034Replace + BOG3466031Rc
April 30 2020 0:00:00BarbMissed egg biscuit Replace egg biscuit3466627Ty
April 30 2020 0:00:00Melissa bourretShakes were too runny and tasted watery (720) 839-3805Replace 3 small shakes and 1 large on next visit. 7042JF
James stotzMissed sw saladReplace salad VS
KristyMissed 4 md friesReplace 4 friesNaKS
May 1Rick cashMissed 1 sandwichReplaceNaJl
May 04 2020 0:00:00JennaMissed four medium fries3035523626Replace fries w bogN/AAP
May 06 2020 0:00:00Matt McDowell Missed 4ct strip303-918-4556Replace + BOG3477600RC
May 07 2020 0:00:00Linda AGot grilled club, wanted two deluxe sandwichs720-955-8417Replace with two deluxe sandwiches3479288Ty
May 08 2020 0:00:00Sheila kingMissed a soup3037482649Replace bog2328As
May 08 2020 0:00:00Kristi HurtMissed 12 countReplace and BOG¿TS
May 12 2020 0:00:00Laura SmithMissed 8ct meal719-641-8716Replace 8ct nugget meal3487048Ty
May 14 2020 0:00:00MayaMissed fry1111111111ReplaceNaTy
5-15-20Lidia BRaw chicken nuddets8057582096Replace meal 4ct mini meal3354Bud
May 15 2020 0:00:00Kylie SmithDidn’t get kids 6 grilled nugget meal 7204370111Replace+bog3764BC
May 15 2020 0:00:00Josline montanaMissed kids fry7198880873Bog replace4733As
May 16 2020 0:00:00AlexMissed a medium waffle fryReplace and BOG?LC
May 16 2020 0:00:00AlexMissed a medium waffle fryReplace and BOG?LC
May 16 2020WendyMissed 3 large fries RReplace bogHs
May 16 2020 0:00:00Chris KitchenMissing reg + med fry3039959882Replace3497339NS
May 18 2020 0:00:00Marimba South west salad 7757712852Replace3499235Jl
5/20LisaMissed 4 ct miniReplace & bogKm
May 20 2020 0:00:00Greg & Mellaney MorganWrong drinks several times, super nice and just wanted to help720-989-5611Gallon of UNSWEET tea?RC
May 21 2020 0:00:00Craig RanumMissed regular 12 nuggets3034835978Replace and bogNaTS
May 22 2020samantha mmissed spicy and fry7204310058replace /bog3508523hs
May 23 2020 0:00:00DianeMissed 4 count minis4 count mini?LC
May 25 2020 0:00:00Christian CMissing regular3039298123Replace + bog3511035NS
May 29 2020 0:00:00Jackie GoldenzMissing chicken on CEC biscuit3037484522Replace3518946NS
June 06 2020 0:00:00Amy M.Received incorrect orderGrilled sandwich meal with small shake and bog1Ty
June 10 2020 0:00:00Mary WoltkampMissed 4ct Strip815-351-8458Replace + BOG4252RC
June 15 2020 0:00:00Martha CarsonSmall fruit cup and 2 Large Unsweetened Teas7208386132Small fruit from kids meal and 2 Large Unsweetened Teas307LC
June 16 2020 0:00:00Heidi VanTwo chocolate milks, spicy deluxeReplace all and bog3004Ty
June 20 2020 0:00:00Debby S.Missed grilled wrap303-210-0785Replace grilled wrap and bog3561080Ty
June 29Alex HGot regular sandwich instead of Deluxe replace and bog on next trip5938JF
7/3/20Michelle2spicy, 12 nuggets
July 07 2020 0:00:00Haley DillMissed 8 count nugget 713 394 4828Replace + bog3590241BC
July 09 2020 0:00:00Katie CrockerMissed full kids meal 6ct7204923420Replace kids meal and bogNaTy
July 11 2020 0:00:00Andrew Chicken egg and cheese bagel not correct3038701700Replace and bogNaTy
July 13 2020 0:00:00Avery Zinanci Did not want cheese on her deluxe sandwich (720) 308-5566Replace sandwich upon next visit 1010JF
July 17 2020 0:00:00Donna mealMissing kids meal3038422514Give mealNo recieptBud
July 18 2020 0:00:00Matthew CooperMissed 3 sandwiches no picklesReplace sandwiches plus BOGNATS
July 21 2020 0:00:00Julie DambrownMissed 6 nuggets Replace nuggets + BOG6540TS
July 23 2020 0:00:00Matt belvealNo chicken in burrito7209995618 Replace breakfast burrito on next visitN/aJF
July 25 2020 0:00:00Davemissed medium fry720-366-8045replaced medium fry and bognaty
July 25 2020 0:00:00Aimee DemendozaFries half fullReplace 2 large fries448TS
July 28 2020 0:00:00BrandonMissed cfa sandwich and large fries5056200103Replace #1 with large fry and bogNaTy
July 31 2020 0:00:00Jordan William Spicy not good fries soggy501513710912 meal spicy delux mealThrew awayAs
August 04 2020 0:00:00Janet lecasMissed cfa sandwich 3039292245Replace and bog2482Km
August 05 2020 0:00:00Ryan HassellMissing cfa -pickle817 919 7753Replace sandwich and bog363JF
August 05 2020 0:00:00Ryan HassellMissing cfa -pickle817 919 7753Replace sandwich and bogJF
August 07 2020 0:00:00Chris SanchezMissed two hashbrowns7608286522Replace two Hb and bog8666Ty
August 10 2020 0:00:00Tammy KreimeyerGot 4 shakes. Wasn’t happy with how they were made. (303)9561490Replace all 4 shakes on next visitShe didn’t have a sticker JF
August 11 2020 0:00:00Katelin KnoxGave 4 strips, ordered 12 nuggets303-332-6014Replace 12ct and bogNaTy
August 12 2020 0:00:00Noah HernanadezMissed 2 8counts(720)5487292Replace 2 8 counts on next visit and bog 810JF
August 12 2020 0:00:00Adam brewerMissing chocolate milk and medium fries (720)3646377Replace and bog3658057JF
August 13 2020 0:00:00Cristal cMissed large fry7149261477Replace bog1340Hs
August 14 2020 0:00:00Crocker catieGrilled sandwich two fries weren’t given7204923420Food bogNot givenAs
August 19 2020 0:00:00Kristina DesneffMissed 12ct nugget303-888-6469Replace or Refund + BOG3672371RC
August 20 2020 0:00:00Stacy guilesMissed a sandwich Replace bog3674446As
August 21 2020 0:00:00Tradd DoughnMissed spicy sandwich303-884-4294Replace + BOG3676988RC
August 24 2020 0:00:00Dave calderwoodGot cfa biscuit instead of chicken egg and cheese biscuit.720 883 1259Replace Chicken egg and cheese biscuit and BOG891JF
August 25 2020 0:00:00Brianna SmithGot wrong sandwiches303 585 1090Replace 2 spicy sandwiches + bog3682320BC
August 26 2020 0:00:00MelodyMissed apple sauce303-263-6375Replace apple sauce and bog39228Ty
August 29 2020 0:00:00Eric LMissed 2 large Well done and didn’t revive recpit 7738952340Replace +bog3691740Hs
August 31 2020 0:00:00Brian DankersGrilled club not done right and missing FryGrilled Club And Waffle Fry Medium and a B.O.GNALC
September 01 2020 0:00:00Nicole BMissed 12ct nug and large fry303-358-1219Replace food and bog3696451Ty
GloriaMissing coke/chicken bowl303-669-7724Replace food and bogJt
September 14 2020 0:00:00McKayla HuntSays she felt nuggets were under cooked 8 count7209890489Replace on next visit and bog 8237JF
September 16 2020 0:00:00Mike WalshMissed Large Fruit720-334-0034Replace + BOG3722759RC
September 17 2020 0:00:00KalaFry not filled712-281-8325Replace fry and bog5447Ty
September 25 2020 0:00:00Debra BauerWas parked for small choc shake & never received it (303) 898-9838Replace Shake on next visit & BOG3740159JF
September 26 2020 0:00:00JonathonEmpty med. fry and missed kids meal303-681-5513Replace med fry and kids meal and bog2196Ty
October 03 2020 0:00:00Kerri boothMissed kids meal2145779797Replace and bog NaHs
October 07 2020 0:00:00Marion BMissed meal and kids milk7202928366Replace bogNaHs
October 08 2020 0:00:00Nicole PedersenMissed two sandwiches and 6ct nug720-219-3025Replace sandwiches, 6ct and bog3764908Ty
October 10 2020 0:00:00JamieMissing cfa sandwich no pickles3038957281Free sandwich no charge9622H.s.
Oct 12 2020Amanda martinMissing spicy7203082675Free spicy sandwich and a BOGBC
October 13 2020 0:00:00Bobbi Jean tareyMissed kale crunchReplace bog 3773483Hs
October 17 2020 0:00:00Sean KillianMissed burrito Replace burrito3780582Ty
10/17/2020Erikamissed chicken biscuit and chocolate milk 3032043352Replace items and bog812Jt
10/19/2020Jennifer CMissed 8 ct3033781673replace 8 ct and BOGdg
October 20 2020 0:00:00Edward BonahoeMissed 12 piece nugget 720 590 1840Replace nuggets + bog3784984RC
October 24 2020Jenny Rodder Missed 2 cookies 7608223191Replace & BOGJF
October 27 2020Joe kabnuck12 ct nug mealReplaceMd
10/27/2020Matt Cooper30 ct nuggetReplace and BOG8164Ep
October 28 2020 0:00:00Julian2 missed fries7208785000Replacing fries413Jl
Bonnie gambleMissed entreFree entra hs
11/02/2020HeidiWrong salad, no dressing in bag3035896291Replace cobb cold grilled,no cheese,apple ciderEP
11/3/2020Monica2 chicken burritos missing cheese7203714482replace 2 burritos and BOG
11-03-20cheri wyman"food oozing with grease.. tastes smokey"3038778519#1, #2, 12 nugs, 4ct kids meal , md unsweetened tea764Bud
11-5-20Ashton(girl)#1 meal w/ sweet tea lg7209828605Replacewrong orderBud
November 06 2020 0:00:00Carolena DiazAsked for sandwiches with no cheese, got cheese940-867-7611Replace Grilled club and Regular Deluxe no Cheese + BOG5192RC
November 11 2020 0:00:00Mark WillieMissed medium macReplace and bogNaTy
November 11 2020 0:00:00Tom DowdGot nuggets instead of fries215-630-9202Replace 4ct strip3826396RC
11-13-20Stomp BMWLarge Mac trayNext order we add it to there orderCatering3821794Bud
November 14 2020 0:00:00Jason motalaMissed 2 hash browns 703-577-0963Replace and bog1Km
November 19 2020 0:00:00Jason Haden4 strip, spicy deluxe, 2 large fries314-560-9219Replacement99999EB
11-19-2020Paige bova12 nugget meal3039219584replacement milkshake bud
MayCfa sandwich 3039563594Replacement 3289Bud
November 21 2020 0:00:00Drew LeekMissing a fry3039687611Replace¿¿Hs
November 24,2020BethanyMissing 12ct nug7723493477Replace??Ep
November 30 2020 0:00:00Ken Seton6ct kids meal8472269161Replaced bog3856641Jl
December 01 2020 0:00:00Travis nortonMissed spicy sandwich, had 2 meals832 627 9705Replace sandwich + bog3859359BC
December 07 2020 0:00:00Nick BReg instead of spicy7034074590Replace and bog1763Jl
December 07 2020 0:00:00Kurt SchneiderMissed Large Mac941-504-9329Replace3872252RC
December 08 2020 0:00:00Megan langerMissed side salad w/ avo3038706069Replace bog4191As
Jamie smithMissed 4 chocolate milkReplace and bog
Christy aMissed 12 countReplace and bog NaHs
Josh campuzanoBad sandwiches 2 free entrees no bog 3883649Hs
December 16 2020 0:00:00Karla StroblMissed spicy sandwich 7205254278Replace + BOG3889831RC
December 19/2020HeatherMissed cfa no pickle3035942568ReplaceEP
12/22/2020Bri Rios (Brianna)Messed up meal720-988-4158Replace a mealMd
Kevin francesMissed 6 count3033500092Replace bogHs
01/05/2021ToriMissed 6ct kids meal7209365144ReplaceN/AEP
1/6/21Moedeluxe, 2-12 ctsreplace - NO BOGMd
January 06 2021 0:00:00EmilyEverythingReplace and bog. Salad, Mac, 2 kids meals, 8ct meal, extra large bev.3925933Ty
January 06 2021 0:00:00Laura smithReceived spdlx wanted reg delex7196418710Replace and bog3925334Jl
01/08/21Rob KMissed sandwich7202548395Replace cfa sandwich xtra pickles + bogAJ
01/80/21Maddie 2 missed sandwiches Replace sandwiches + bogAj
January 09 2021 0:00:00Sydney marksWrong food missed food on order7205604727Cfa sandwich no pickles add cj cheese, cfa sandwich no pickles add American cheese, chocolate milk, 8oz tub of sauce, bog2916As
January 09 2021 0:00:00Erin r Missed fry7203205373Replace bog95996As
Jan 11Carson7203462133chicken sandwich w pepper jack
January 12 2021 0:00:00SunMissing deluxeDeluxe plus bog?KJS
January 14 2021 0:00:00KimberlyLarge chocolate shake small chocolate shake 7208781120Replace NO BOG28634Ad
January 16 2021 0:00:00Korena HenryMissed brownie 719-650-8354Brownie upset her stomach so replacing with 8ct Grilled nugs6174JL
January 20 2021 0:00:00CarrieMissed cfa sandwich 11111111111Replace and bogNaTy
January 20 2021 0:00:00Kim FoltenReceived tea spicy and missed sauces631 7938734Replace a new fry2604Jl
January 21 2021 0:00:00Rodney Missing small Mac n cheese 7202516056Replace and bogNASH
January 21 2021 0:00:00Nicole BMissing 12 count 3033581219Replace and BOG 4592SH
January 23 2021 0:00:00Kara Ledford Missed side salad3039152292Replace bog9117Jl
January 26 2021 0:00:00Melissa DoyleMissed regular sandwich720-939-4919Replace + BOG3962936RC
Joseph p
January 27 2021 0:00:00Joseph PMissed small fryPromo small fry.Kjs
January 27 2021 0:00:00Jody longsellow Missed 12 ct3034085773Replace and BOGNaJl
January 27 2021 0:00:00Heidi Kieliah Missed kids meal and salad toppings 3035896691Replace kids and sandwich BOG5001Jl
January 28 2021 0:00:00Amelia Missing medium fries7206952074Replace and bog 6889SH
January 29 2021 0:00:00Holsley hoss12 grilled nugs3036834633Replace bog?As
2/2/2021Annie Missed a small lemoande3038157935Replace bogjt
February 06 2021 0:00:00Brandon makowskiMissed M fruit cup 7203845143Replace and medium fry bog4823Jl
February 08 2021 0:00:00Tracy ChaplaMissed med mac303-908-9397Replace + BOG3987168RC
February 10 2021 0:00:00Darwin GWrong salad4803267582New market salad NO blu cheeseNaJl
February 13 2021 0:00:00MakowskiMissed bowl soup30390569999Replace bog x2CupAs
February 15 2021 0:00:00Tracy BurkeMissing spicy0Replace spicy and bog3999345Ty
February 17 2021 0:00:00Mark NicholsLarge strawberry shake w/ chocolate was bad720-383-2286Replace + BOG?RC
February 18, 2021BrentLangercfa sand720-724-4680replace + bog4004989md
February 19, 2021Amanda Gspicy grilled sandreplace doordashEC
February 19 2021 0:00:00Alecia Adamshair in nuggets720-351-0235Replace + BOG4008120RC
February 22 2021 0:00:00Jenna harterAsked for 2 6ct kids meals got 1 6 &1 46164827475Replace 2967JL
February 23 2021 0:00:00Trae hanchett6 nugs instead of 12 3039213259Bog replace5142As
Feb 24,2021John KibbleMissed cfa sandwich and chocolate milk NaBog replace NaEp
Feb25,2021AdamMissed 6ct kids mealNaBog replaceNaEp
February 26 2021 0:00:00Stephanie locricchioSpicy deluxe combo lemonade3038777790Replace NO BOG 2182As
March 1st, 2021Brenda Fulkersongallon tea was cloudy7192297179gallon unsweet +BOGJt
March 01 2021 0:00:00Heidi DialMissed salad8587522722Salad and sandwich?HK
February 27 2021 0:00:00Stacey Guiles Missed med fry720 260 0953Replace and bog Will bring receipt when comes backBC
March 04 2021 0:00:00DrewMissing 3 strips and friesReplace 2504SH
03/06/2021joshMissing spicy sandwich 303-517-5798Replace BOGJt
March 11 2021 0:00:00Jack mayedaGrilled club lettuce wrapped7204175983Replace6411As
March 11 2021 0:00:00eric valenciaReceived wrong order7209856722#1 with American meal, with small CnC, #7 no lettece no tomato (just sandwich) medium fruit cup extra CnC NAJL
March 16 2021 0:00:00Crystal Jaramillo Missed small Mac and cheese720 732 8981Replace + bog4051028BC
March 16 2021 0:00:00Brenda carterMissed fry and cfa sandwich 7205120094Replace bog?As
March 19 2021 0:00:00Jessica JahnsMissed 6ct Kids Meal303-862-0273Replace + BOG4058387RC
March 23, 2019Alan Holman2 grilled filets303-886-7497replace & BOGMd
March 24 2021 0:00:00Mettie castorMissed 12 meal with lg dt coke light ice303-378-2938Replace meal & bog4066365Km
March 24 2021 0:00:00Chris kerrickOrdered sand which with no pickles has extra pickles303916 5008Spicy deluxe NO pickles replaced med mac7256Jl
March 24 2021 0:00:00Yawning Houtchens w/ TakedaMissed 15 bottles of water on delivery720-518-7117Replacing w/10 Bog’s which are in an envelope in safeUnknownKm= Jf
March 25 2021 0:00:00Josh BakerMissed #1 meal(medium)410 330 1902Replace meal4069330BC
March 27Erin WileyMissed items (Voicemail)970-376-5289Replace meal and BOGMd
March 29 2021Lindsay F.Missed 12ct nug8017926951Replace nugs +BOG
March 30 2021 0:00:00Rachel RachroyerMissed Sandwich meal720-833-1786Replace + BOG4079061RC
March 31 2021 0:00:00Brenda HarrisMessed up meal(303) 875-3452Replace4076618RC
March 31 2021 0:00:00Karen brischMissed sandwich 3033177951Replace1650Jl
April 01 2021 0:00:00Joni Missing fry30396855541 free fry3462EA
April 01 2021 0:00:00Tom Dowd Grilled sandwich had spicy filet instead of regular 2156309202Replace and BOG 4079SH
4/2/21Marcella Phannenstielmissing fries303-994-7759Med fries and cookieMd
4/3/21Luette Mortonmissing eggs bacon on cobb3039066862Cobb & BOG
April 07 2021 0:00:00Chase bagleyNo egg on CEC this is a reoccurring issue has happened 4-5 times now. 7707789824Promo meal on next visit & BOG4094989JF
April 07 2021 0:00:00Carrie SawyerOrdered fruit in km got fries. Asked for nuggets well done. Not well done pink in middle all 1 big clump937-450-5382Promo 1 12 count and small fruit on next visit4095351JF
April 8 2021Kayla DelmonicoMissed spicy sandwich 7204802291Replace sandwich and BOG
April 12 2021 0:00:00Aya desoukiGot original iced coffee not vanilla 6154796624Replace on next visit 4199JF
April 13 2021 0:00:00Sean donahoe2 Cfa biscuit had no chicken3035221638Replace with 2 sandwiches & bog?Km