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Guests Name
Our Mistake
Phone Number
Transaction #
Resolved Init.
October 1Taylor Tichy2 large dr peppers were flat.720-207-4556Replace1505MK
October 1Angela MontoyaReplace kids meal 720-341-5048Replace and BOG1789MK
October 04 2022 0:00:00Emilia Missing a M fries 763 954 1493Replace a M-fries and a BOG5285889AL
October 04 2022 0:00:00TynnWrong order7209335958Replace #1 large5286728AG
October 07 2022 0:00:00Joseph BMissing 5 grilled kids mean 7208107507Replace kids meal and give BOG/DOC93413Cs
October 08 2022 0:00:00Angela austelleMissed sandwich on door dash order7208544961Replace sandwich on next dad order and bog. Note will be on order7371Km
October 13 2022 0:00:00Natalia Wanted spicy del got regular spicy sandwiches. Bread was “old”Get 2 Spicy del 5309115Bud
October 14 2022 0:00:00Jason larsonMissed. 2 4 count minis7203524454Replace and bogTeqpeqoKm
October 18 2022 0:00:00Susan BoellahutGot 2 SEC MUFFINS over toasted, actually black3035135930Two SEC muffins with no charge 5317847GC
October 25 2022 0:00:00Ashlynn thompsonMissed gluten free bun3037209120Replace entire sandwich (gluten free) and bog4218Km
October 25 2022 0:00:00LynnMissing 2 side salads and a deluxe sandwich720-231-6876Replace order BOG5334968MD
October 28 2022 0:00:00Corey StrangeGot wrong order7202760797Replace order5334039Bc
October 29 2022 0:00:00Chelsie WilliamsMissed fry and sandwich7209554500Replace meal5344435RC
November 05 2022 0:00:00Carlos HernandezRang up wrong type of deluxe7202276515Replacement of whichever deluxe guest would like5360624Bc
YamiMissing 2 ice cup and lemonade
November 10 2022 0:00:00LaytonIce coffee was wromhReplace NaCs
November 14 2022 0:00:00Myra JMissing sm Mac 9707683808Give Mac and frosted lem 297Bud
November 15 2022 0:00:00LindaForgot grilled sand720-829-6474Grilled sand1MD
November 17 2022 0:00:00Walter BMissing 1 husbrowns 7205892837Replaced next time5386358AL
November 18 2022 0:00:00Ben willisMissing 2 oj7204692925Missing 2 oj5388683Bc
December 02 2022 0:00:00Debbie wyssMissing CFA bisc303-229-2222Cfa bisc and BOG1Md
December 06 2022 0:00:00Kacey clarkeGave him 8 reg nuggets instead of grilled 3037182790Replace entire meal and bog5263Km
12/17BradMissing medium fruit cup Replace bog Jt
December 20 2022 0:00:00Jeanell MeitzlerSpicy sandwich instead of regularReplace sandwichNaMd
December 21 2022 0:00:00Christy metron8 ct only had 4, fries cold, missing peppermint shake7202885807Replace all items and bog1Km
December 22 2022 0:00:00Paul Musall Missing sandwich 7202857213Refund sandwich 5466290HKM
2023-01-05Lisa KaneGot two cup of chicken noodle but ordered tortilla3039291122Replace TWO cups of tortilla cup5491389Bc
01/09/2023kelly GomsMissing 8-NugguetsReplace 8 Nuggets with a BOG5497151AL
01/10/2023ElenaMissed grilled clubReplace next time 291md
01/25/2023Shadia sMissing a M sprite7209805401Replace a M sprite next time5530552AL
01/26/2023Kirt Jensenwas not given sm mac tray - catering8016569826give free sm mac tray next time5531203BUD
02/02/2023Anili SizhuBurnt fries weren’t switched out when she was told they were.720 417 8400Sizhu Fry in app + bog next visit 5549972G F
02/02/2023Emily (debaggis)?Missed 2 full meals no drinks3035796138Replace 2 sandwiches, 2 medium fries. 2 bogsCan’t read my own writing sorryBc
2/4/23Tiffany CurtisGranola parfait missing303-888-8703Replace parfait and give BoGMobile orderMK
2/6/23DarrinSE Muffin xtra Egg,he didn’t get the extra egg3035014625Replace the muffin extra egg next time5681AL
sarah kckn sand app wasn't workingGet ckn sandBud
Anna Bckn sand app wasn't workingGet ckn sand Bud
2023-02-04Martin DurhamMissing fries in kids meal303-514-3837Kids meal5554718MD
2023-02-16Rosie bentleyForgot wrap and dressing 8066836766Replace wrap and dressing5579482Bc
2023-02-22ChristineHated cauliflower sandwich3035221809Cfa sand replacement1747Bud
2023-03-01Kimberly CottinghamMissing 2 fries72075788212 kids fries 1 bog5606762Gavin f
2023-03-01Tom/TinaWrong sandwich813-748-7694New regular cfa sandwich59607019Gavin f
2023-03-01Tom/TinaWrong sandwich813-748-7694New regular cfa sandwich59607019Gavin f
2023-03-08Fernando valenzuelaMissed an oj and Spivey biscuit 7205323163Replace and bog5620365Km
2023-03-21Stacy gunnMessed up two complete orders 7202704105Replace two complete number 1 meals and a 12 count nugget5648704Bc