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Guests Name
Our Mistake
Phone Number
Transaction #
Resolved Init.
January 05 2022 0:00:00Erik ValenciaMissed 3 stripReplace + BOG375TS
January 08 2022 0:00:00TestTest1111111111TEstTestTEst
January 12 2022 0:00:00Tiffany Cole or Mathew FreerMissed two shakes940-237-0532Replace both + BOG?RC
January 13 2022 0:00:00JenniferWe missed a 1-meal7205760408Replace one meal next time4706294AL
Jan 15th 2022Trae HanchettOrdered 2 large fries, got 2 mediums303-921-3259Rewards through spotlightLucas
1/19/22Amymissing spicy xtra picles7202728912Replace + Bog4720303Ru
1/28Rondelle MartinesMissing 12 count nugget720-231-0679Replace nuggets +BOG?MK
February 05 2022 0:00:00Kallie Hathaway Missed a spicy 575-447-6385Replace and bog2889Km
February 12 2022 0:00:00Amanda GreenMade Spicy Deluxe Wrong and gave wrong fries(205) 533-2981Replace Spicy Deluxe W/ American Cheese and Large Fry + BOG8764RC
February 08 2022 0:00:00AshaMissed kids milk and ice cream cup5514824650Replace and bog8883AJ
February 16 2022 0:00:00Sandy mundtGave a bacon biscuit instead of BEC biscuit 7202999054Replace and bog4658Km
02-16-2022Emily hamiltonMissing Cobb salad and lg fruit303.902.3298Replace salad and lg fruit and add strawberry shakeBUD
February 17 2022 0:00:00Scott DavisMissed spicy sandwich3036411325Replace and bog8691AJ
Febuary 17th, 2022 LunchSamantha MalachOrdered Cobb Sld. Grilled Nuggets, Gluten Allergy, received regular cobb, asked for replacement and breading was still on salad because niggets were just pulled off. With Gluten allergy this is unacceptable303-547-5453Upload rewards to app via spotlight, replace next salad as well when she visitsLT
February 22 2022 0:00:00KcMissed a hasbrowns 7202097357Replace it next time 200003183AL
February 23PaulaMissed Mac n chz3035495113Replace Mac n chz + bog4789939ru
February 24 2022 0:00:00Tiana GMissed cup of chicken noodle7209515682Replace4792640AJ
March 05 2022 0:00:00Ester RosaisilaMissed CnC ShakeReplace + BOG1716RC
March 5th, 2022Gail FosterOrdered chkn noodle got tortilla 7209873860Bowl of chicken noodle + BOG
March 15Michelle BiondiPaid for 12ct grilled and got 8ct.3033046691replace nuggets and BOG4827932BUD
March 2
March 28 2022 0:00:00Andrew JoseeckMini tray was cold720-885-2303Replace4854326RC
Kalie wellborneMissed spicy del5754476385Replace add cnc milkshake6726Bud
April 11 2022 0:00:00MarthaMissed 8 ct nugget4022509359Replace and bog84EAP
April 13 2022 0:00:00TomHe got wrong soup, he got ck tortilla soup instead ck noodles soup4156910763 ck noodle soup bowl (need to speak to him… no tortilla soup on day he said he got itGc
April 23 2022 0:00:00Kristen RMissed fry 7203459219Replace N/AAJ
April 25 2022 0:00:00JosephMissed a Southwest Salad7208107507Replace and Bog978EAP
April 25 2022 7;52Melissa BourrecChick fil a sandwich medium 720-542-7311Replace bog4921465Mk
May 05 2022 0:00:00BryceOrdered Grilled Club Sammy got Spicy Deluxe sammy3036561006Replace entree of choice and bog5524EAP
May 06 2022 0:00:00Joseph BurnesGiven the wrong salad, 2 weeks ago not given salad for the order placed720-810-7507Replace both Salads and Bog7947 and 978MK
5/12/2022Cody DramerMissed Large Fry and Medium Fruit Cup3038776939Coupon4961451LT
May 16 2022 0:00:00Erich MisgenMissed 8 reg nuggetsReplace nuggets + BOG4969838TS
May 24 2022 0:00:00Kim RaiMissing Mac n cheese3038114826Free Mac and cheese (M)4989025H.S.
May 27 2022 0:00:00Anthony curcioMissed cfa sandwich 720-318-1647Cfa & bog6949Km
Scott bReceived wrong sandwich needs Grilled sandwich no tomato Replace sandwich add choc shakeBud
May 30 2022 0:00:00Dawna AtencioMissed large Fry3033328862Replace + BOG5001047RC
June 04 2022 0:00:00Melissa ? She’s a doctorMissing 12 nuggets720-939-491912 nuggets and BOG3777MD
June 06 2022 0:00:00William WhiteheadMissing sandwich 720-724-0512Sandwich and BOG1MD
June 10 2022 0:00:00Julien Was given 8ct needed missed 30ct7198500974Give 30ct + cnc shake 6473bud
June 14 2022 0:00:00Mariah taylorSouthwest salad was not full7206932054Replace and bog4184Km
June 14 2022 0:00:00Dianna Epstein Missed Large fry720-369-0094Resolve + BOG5034803RC
June 16amirmissed largegive fries stawberry shake1Bud
Jessica allowWrong order2 #1 meals large Coke large unsweetened 4 cfa sauce6384Bud
June 25 2022 0:00:00Briefs jacobsenMissed a sandwich 3036188247Replace meal and bog8530Km
June 25 2022 0:00:00Wendy BowenMissed spicy sandwichReplace spicy and BOG9209TS
6/27Jasmine cowlinChicken deluxeReplace chicken deluxe and bog5061687Ru
July 02 2022 0:00:00Steph crawleyMissed a cfa sandwich New sandwich and bog1Km
July 02 2022 0:00:00Steph crawleyMissed sandwich Replace and bog 3054Km
July 15 2022 0:00:00Nichole KeenanMissed grilled 12 count720 454 4851Replace5100328BC
July 16 2022 0:00:00Lajean GettoMissing sauce + 1 regular3039950298Regular + BOG5102633NS
July 18 2022Kaila NeyunMissing spicy, cold fried X27208826878Replace sandwich and 2 medium fries BOG5662Ru
July 19 2022 0:00:00Rebecca tuvinGave fry instead of Mac and cheese 7123096043Replace Mac and cheese with bog card7530Em
July 21 2022 0:00:00Caroline HeinsMissing kids meal fry3037257195Kids meal + BOG5114389NS
July 25 2022 0:00:00Mary L.Missed medium Mac and cheese with mobile order720 315 3303Replace + bog5120336BC
August 04 2022 0:00:00Billy grillMissed 8ct nuggets in drive7202611136Replace and bogN/a AJ
August 06 2022 0:00:00Ben PeasleyGot sand which instead of nuggets7202962978Replace with 8 nuggets5150563AJ
August 06 2022Aimee LongengerForgot Chocolate Milk 7164103763Replace and BOGMK
Rubin bobEgg white 6363007190replace bogBud
August 18 2022 0:00:00Stacy martinezMissed 8 piece303-960-50788 nugget & bog?Km
August 19 2022 0:00:00Cisco ChaconMessed up Spicy Deluxe720-237-3172Replace + BOG5181363RC
August 23 2022 0:00:00Joann MoczynskiMissed 8 ct nugget815-566-6636Replace + BOG5188606RC
September 01 2022 0:00:00Erynn LambertFries and Mac not full enough. 8159974416Replace items + shake1311Bud
September 01 2022 0:00:00Jeanne thorneToo salty of fries and drinks too much ice3037269532She wants a refund!5211045Bud
September 03 2022 0:00:00Albert GarnerSpicy instead of regular7202567589Bog and replace5216411Mk
September 10 2022 0:00:00Lori stukesGave 12 grilled instead of 12 reg nuggets 813-7286342Replace reg 12 ct and bog5230403Km
September 12 2022 0:00:00Jamie MckissenGot 12ct grilled instead of regular720-260-7881Replace5233508RC
September 12 2022 0:00:00Dawna AtencioWanted regular spicy deluxe sandwich, got grilled 303-332-8862Replace + BOG5233662RC
September 15 2022 0:00:00Kristy leeMissing cfa sandwich5628104466Replace sandwich + shake3002Bud
September 21 2022 0:00:00Natasha SmithLarge fries169-396-7711Lg fries and BOG5256198AG
September 21 2022 0:00:00Ken BMissed an 8 count nugget9726327271Free 8 count on next visit5257299Bc
September 26 2022 0:00:00Abbry or Avery heather Missing wrap 2063530285Replace wrap and one medium froexForgot to askCs
September 28 2022 0:00:00Susan jonesGot wrong bag was cfa sandwich meal got nuggets3033490308Replace sandwich mealDon’t have right sticker on bagCs
October 1Taylor Tichy2 large dr peppers were flat.720-207-4556Replace1505MK
October 1Angela MontoyaReplace kids meal 720-341-5048Replace and BOG1789MK
October 04 2022 0:00:00Emilia Missing a M fries 763 954 1493Replace a M-fries and a BOG5285889AL
October 04 2022 0:00:00TynnWrong order7209335958Replace #1 large5286728AG
October 07 2022 0:00:00Joseph BMissing 5 grilled kids mean 7208107507Replace kids meal and give BOG/DOC93413Cs
October 08 2022 0:00:00Angela austelleMissed sandwich on door dash order7208544961Replace sandwich on next dad order and bog. Note will be on order7371Km
October 13 2022 0:00:00Natalia Wanted spicy del got regular spicy sandwiches. Bread was “old”Get 2 Spicy del 5309115Bud
October 14 2022 0:00:00Jason larsonMissed. 2 4 count minis7203524454Replace and bogTeqpeqoKm
October 17 2022 0:00:00Ross Williams Missing a12-Nuggets 505 261-1811Replace it next time with a bog5315911AL
October 18 2022 0:00:00Susan BoellahutGot 2 SEC MUFFINS over toasted, actually black3035135930Two SEC muffins with no charge 5317847GC
October 15 2022 0:00:00Cathy MonaghanMessed up two sandwiches720-609-1644Two sandwiches promo8478?MD
October 25 2022 0:00:00Ashlynn thompsonMissed gluten free bun3037209120Replace entire sandwich (gluten free) and bog4218Km
October 25 2022 0:00:00LynnMissing 2 side salads and a deluxe sandwich720-231-6876Replace order BOG5334968MD
October 28 2022 0:00:00Corey StrangeGot wrong order7202760797Replace order5334039Bc
October 29 2022 0:00:00Chelsie WilliamsMissed fry and sandwich7209554500Replace meal5344435RC
November 05 2022 0:00:00Carlos HernandezRang up wrong type of deluxe7202276515Replacement of whichever deluxe guest would like5360624Bc
YamiMissing 2 ice cup and lemonade
November 10 2022 0:00:00LaytonIce coffee was wromhReplace NaCs
November 14 2022 0:00:00Myra JMissing sm Mac 9707683808Give Mac and frosted lem 297Bud
November 15 2022 0:00:00LindaForgot grilled sand720-829-6474Grilled sand1MD
November 15 2022 0:00:00John BarnesMissing food items76020834902 bog cards and chicken sandwich 0BC
November 17 2022 0:00:00Walter BMissing 1 husbrowns 7205892837Replaced next time5386358AL
November 18 2022 0:00:00Ben willisMissing 2 oj7204692925Missing 2 oj5388683Bc
November 30 2022 0:00:00AlexMissing sandwich 7343408608Replace sandwich and fresh medium frie5413554Cs