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Guests Name
Our Mistake
Phone Number
Transaction #
Resolved Init.
2024-01-05Cindy MalcolmWas given unsweet instead of sweet tea(large) and said 8 count nugget was mushy?303 917 4689Replace nuggets and tea 6299133BCM
2024-01-05MARISA RODRIGUEZwanted grilled nuggets, got charged for classic ones719-406-7165Replace 12ct grilled + BOG6299316RC
2024-01-11Leah ProcopioMissing nuggets7207885256Replace + bog6312232Gf
2024-01-17Marni GoldsteinMissed cfa sandwich 951-316-9519Replace meal + BOG6323594RC
2024-02-08LyndseyGot regular nuggets instead of grilled nugguets6306971925Replace 12 grilled nuggets next time6370788AL
2024-12-12?missing 2 30 counts3033571943replace + BOGBB
2024-02-14Marsha AlbertMissing 12 nuggets7206706467Replace 12 count + bog6384004Gf
2024-02-19Nicole CNo strawberries on salad720-840-9003Cover a salad + bog6392549Gf
2024-02-24Jason SmithMissed Spicy Sandwich303-725-1978Replace + BOG6405817RC
2024-02-27Zaid gleesWrong sw salad9563348701Replace salad with sw with nuggets and avocado ranch & bog 952Km
2024-03-07Debra davisMissed brownie in drive through3034890829Replace and bog1911Km
2024-03-21Marco Perez Missing Mac n cheese9568735095Replace Mac n cheese +bog/other item6460025Gf
2024-03-26Ava King9702135764BEC bist in her rewards 6467435GC
2024-04-01Zach DesantisMissed 8ct meal585-781-4163Replace + BOG6482340RC
2024-04-04Phil FisseOvercharged on unwanted items.6235123574Refund 3 servings of corn + beans and bog.6490266Gf
2024-04-08Cory HarrisReceived wrong order in drive thru832-692-5138Refund his order. #6498273 $25.986498273Gf
2024-04-12Sara Herrera Received a cherry berry unsweet tea by mistake. Ordered a cherry berry SWEET tea.3033583763She will stop by at 3pm today to pick up correct drink.7921Bh
2024-04-13Vickie WarnerShe asked for a Deluxe sandwich but we wrote down a regular cfa sandwich by mistake.8106101827She will stop by on Monday, April 15th, to receive a Deluxe sandwich on us.777Bh
2024-04-25Valorie2 Missing Brownie72098273612 Brownies, BOG8313AR
2024-04-26? Thompson (maybe Jenna)Missed small fruit cup303-949-7482Replace + BOG?RC
2024-04-27Sophia DonohoMissed all sauces for big order7207993699Bog3041Hkm
2024-05-02Joseph bakerMissed SEC muffin7209884067Replace + bog6552016BCM
2024-05-06Aubrey lynnMoldy blueberry720 404 4271Free entree6560796Gf
2024-05-15Joshua ParkerMissing 8 count nugget 720 403 1941Refund 8 count entree6583781Gf
3 1s
2024-05-21Christine kaminMissed Mac n cheese (med)Replace and bog6595830Km
2024-05-23Brandy Johnson$7 short change303-524-4920She is going to come in and talk to a manager to get her change back.6603693BH
2024-05-25JennadyGiven wrong order at window in DTRefunded food because she never got it and + BOG6608304AH
2024-05-30Scarlett DouglasHair in mini tray270-993-5713Refund6615682RC
2024-06-01Paige solarteMissed large720-357-3016Replace and bog1019Km
2024-06-06Sara Mulledsandwich instead of nuggets6505252441Bog MissedHkm
2024-06-10Aidan Vussy or bussy?Gave out new sandwich instead of toasted bun with cheese303 921 3068Replace and bog6639259BCM
2024-06-14Janell MWe missed her granola parfait for her curbside order.719-406-2512She will come in later today and pick up her parfait, and I promised her a BOG card for the inconvenience.9766BH
2024-06-17EmilyBug in a drink720 755 8134Replace a LG hic fruit punch next time1AL
2024-06-20Ben DeNooyWe missed a 3-ct strip on his drive thru order641-780-5030We will load a 3-ct strip on his app, I offered him a BOG as well6663881BH
2024-06-22Nedhan morrisGave her hash browns instead of nuggets 949-357-7901Replace nuggets and bog6668838Km
2024-07-02SteveMissing 4ct meal2173064291Replace meal, Give BOG6691870JP
2024-07-15Stacy gunnWe missed 30 nugguets720 270-4105Replace 30 nugguets next time6716084AL
2024-07-18Aj ogu Got regular sandwich not deluxe3039607528Replace deluxe sandwich 6725136Hkm