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Guests Name
Our Mistake
Phone Number
Transaction #
Resolved Init.
January 05 2023 0:00:00Lisa KaneGot two cup of chicken noodle but ordered tortilla3039291122Replace TWO cups of tortilla cup5491389Bc
January 09 2023 0:00:00kelly GomsMissing 8-NugguetsReplace 8 Nuggets with a BOG5497151AL
January 10 2023 0:00:00ElenaMissed grilled clubReplace next time 291md
January 25 2023 0:00:00Shadia sMissing a M sprite7209805401Replace a M sprite next time5530552AL
January 26 2023 0:00:00Kirt Jensenwas not given sm mac tray - catering8016569826give free sm mac tray next time5531203BUD
February 02 2023 0:00:00Anili SizhuBurnt fries weren’t switched out when she was told they were.720 417 8400Sizhu Fry in app + bog next visit 5549972G F
February 02 2023 0:00:00Emily (debaggis)?Missed 2 full meals no drinks3035796138Replace 2 sandwiches, 2 medium fries. 2 bogsCan’t read my own writing sorryBc
February 04 2023 0:00:00Tiffany CurtisGranola parfait missing303-888-8703Replace parfait and give BoGMobile orderMK
February 06 2023 0:00:00DarrinSE Muffin xtra Egg,he didn’t get the extra egg3035014625Replace the muffin extra egg next time5681AL
sarah kckn sand app wasn't workingGet ckn sandBud
Anna Bckn sand app wasn't workingGet ckn sand Bud
February 04 2023 0:00:00Martin DurhamMissing fries in kids meal303-514-3837Kids meal5554718MD
February 16 2023 0:00:00Rosie bentleyForgot wrap and dressing 8066836766Replace wrap and dressing5579482Bc
February 22 2023 0:00:00ChristineHated cauliflower sandwich3035221809Cfa sand replacement1747Bud
July 15 1905 0:00:00
March 01 2023 0:00:00Kimberly CottinghamMissing 2 fries72075788212 kids fries 1 bog5606762Gavin f
March 01 2023 0:00:00Tom/TinaWrong sandwich813-748-7694New regular cfa sandwich59607019Gavin f
March 08 2023 0:00:00Fernando valenzuelaMissed an oj and Spivey biscuit 7205323163Replace and bog5620365Km
April 03 2023 0:00:00Edward MayMissed Cobb salad303-956-1842Replace + BOG7372RC
April 19 2023 0:00:00Rod GreerMessed up Cobb salad303-520-6839Replace salad?RC
April 28 2023 0:00:00Melissa DziukGave her wrong food7134800167Free entree5303HKM
January 19 1900 0:00:00
April 29 2023 0:00:00Andrea Bradburymissed a Egg Biscuit0Replace +BOG6505AL
May 04 2023 0:00:00Jarigot wrong item, ordered egg white grilled719-200-4804Replace +BOGno trans #JT
May 12 2023 0:00:00Justin WilliamsGot grilled 8 ct. needed regular nugs303-847-50258 ct nugget and BOGQMD
May 12 2023 0:00:00Michelle weddockMissed regular sandwichReplace sandwich 5768131md
May 22 2023 0:00:00Tammy walkerSouthwest instead of Cobb Replace cobb5791030md
May 24 2023 0:00:00Mary leeMissed 8 count nugget720-315-3303Replace and bog5305Km
May 26 2023 0:00:00Rob karpMissed a 3 ct strip 720-254-8395Replace entire meal and bog1005Km
May 31 2023 0:00:00Nova wrightMissed a sandwich w/American 303-898-0427Replace the whole meal and bog5810070Km
May 31 2023 0:00:00Ralph ciarlantiGot grilled instead of club970-485-3243Club and BOG513MD
June 02 2023 0:00:00Colleen Warren Missed wrap, wrong meal720-626-2970Replace meal + BOG5816398RC
June 03 2023 0:00:00Jim SchmittGot wrong order303-968-0924Promo order5818083MD
June 07 2023 0:00:00Gail BlackNo bag of ice303-903-1008Refund1MD
June 12 2023 0:00:00Kelly ingerbritsonQuality issue303-549-6126Replace 8ct nuggets, no bog5837607RC
June 15 2023 0:00:00todd strongGave him cfa biscuit instead of CEC biscuit 303-974-0300Replace CEC and bog 3996Km
June 16 2023 0:00:00Melissa adkinsMissed a 12 count nugget303-517-1170Replace and bog 7526Km
June 20 2023 0:00:00Trohe AshleyMissed 2 sandwiches 303-547-5781Replace and bog 5854301Km
June 21 2023 0:00:00Robert AMissed medium mac and blue cheese816-824-3601Replace mac & Sandwich5855451RC
June 23 2023 0:00:00Katelyn Large unsweetened 3036184984BOG/FreeDrink/Refund 5861706Gc
June 24 2023 0:00:00Jennifer Augstine2 cfa sandwich were burnt, not edible 7205253469Replacement of 2 cfa sandwich's, and 2 bogs0BJC
June 27 2023 0:00:00 Patricia VessaCold soup- 99 degrees3038859212Replace soupN/AHkm
June 28 2023 0:00:00Debbie BaileyMissing 8 ct nuggets720-982-90228 ct nugget and BOG5873588MD
June 17 2023 0:00:00Jeff BFood fell out of bag. 2 deluxe meals and one 4 piece strips meal.Replace meals. md
?2 bowls whe;mot filled all the way ReplaceCs
ChaseSpicy sandwich no pickle x2Replace both sandwiches754cs
July 12 2023 0:00:00Elena AldridgeClub was “soaked”720-541-0504Replace club meal + BOG5903749RC
David bustonette Received wrong meal Replace meal spicy sand meal + sweet tea add cookieBud
Julie scolaMissed kids meal3035968740Replace kids meal + cookieNH
July 15 2023 0:00:00TyDidn’t get Mac n cheese0Replace Mac .Bud
July 15 2023 0:00:00Kenyon WillhousOrder messed up and recovery opportunity was initially missed303-748-2123Promo a meal5910489RC
July 20 2023 0:00:00Janet williamsMissed a medium fry303-359-6107Replace fry and bog1616Km
Replace + BOG5952121RC
August 03 2023 0:00:00Mayra torresMissing medium fruit cup (DT order)7206714671Medium Fruit cupN/aGC
August 03 2023 0:00:00JeremyWrong nuggets3036818044Replace grilled 12ct nuggets and shake5955337JP
August 04 2023 0:00:00Tina litwilerMissed a bec biscuit 720-234-8238Replace BEC and bog5956500Km
August 11 2023 0:00:00Valeri LaroseMissed 2 small fries and got sm sweet tea instead of sm unsweet303-522-4207Replace 2 sm fries and sm drink5974314RC
2023-08-12MeganMissed ice cream cone3037266582Guest will return on another date to get ice cream cone NAAR
2023-08-14NateMissing Salad2698069150Salad and Spicy Deluxe9734Gf
2023-08-17Vanessa lintzMilk was old in kids meal3039496488Replace kids meal with new white milk5988784Bc
2023-08-17Unknown (did not submit)Missed market salad3039188774Replace salad5988393Bc
2023-08-31Corey Cavan Missed sandwich 3035489052Replace sandwich hppcs6021140Bc
9/2JadeMissing spicy sandwich8179656937New sandwich + bog6027718Gf
9/15Nick BorregoMissing BEC Muffin303-895-0390Breakfast sandwich and BOG3157MD
9/16John StockOrdered deluxe no cheese, got spicy deluxe with cheese720-620-8995Replace + BOG6057083RC
9/19Mayra Roman String found in nuggets303-903-1601Replace kids meal + BOG6034271RC
10/5ShaeMissing 5 countReplace nuggets + bog6100320Gf
10/7Heather KelseMissed regular sandwich 303-887-6348DOC6104845RC
10/7Billy WMissing sandwich267-221-6571Replace sandwich + bog6396Gf
10/19Billy GrellMissing Sandwich7202611136Replace Sandwich + bog6131648Gf
10/20Peter12 count nugget box only had 8 nuggets9493915233Replace 12ct6133978JP
10/23Joanne Ferrongave wrong shake6302173947replace shake 8889Hkm
10/27Daniel MoorMissing hash brown9094367087Refund 10 hash browns + bog6147419Gf
11/2Rick SamuWrong Sandwich7203092277Replace Spicy Dlx no pickles, pickles on side, + bog2686Gf
11/7SherriMissed root beer7204901608Root beer6173373Ah
11/10Jeremyput wrong egg in grilled burrito3036818044replace grilled burrito with egg WHITE and BOG283Jt
11/13CasandraMissing 8 ct grilled nuggets72029970788 ct grilled nuggets7042Ah
11/15Daniel Bonnemissing large Fry303478-2229replace large fry and BOGJT
Mellisa hombergMissing frosted lemonade 720 232 3843Replace frosted lemonade and bog3389NH
2023-11-22Tami bostick Missed sandwich 9078542379Free sandwich + bog6208260Hkm
2023-11-25JacobEllis0Replace spicy and shake.Bud
2023-11-30Tom B.Missed 8ct regular nugget781-572-6594Replace 8ct regular nugget6222831JP
2023-12-01Melissa AndersonMissed market salad7328146236Replace market salad + bog5820Hkm
David m Missed cfa sandwich Replace sandwich and give bog
2023-12-01Kyle M2 cfa sandwiches missing30394961072 cfa sandwiches + shake6226038 and 6208655Ah
2023-12-09Dave EberlyMissed Glutten free bun on grilled sandwich303-887-3112Replace sandwich + BOG6244668RC
2023-12-14Ashlyn sandersWrong sandwich 661-309-2030Replace sandwich and bog4472Km
2023-12-14Sam StrousbergDissatisfied with food quality and service 3033240186Bog6255728Hkm
2023-142023Sarah CraigMissed 4 mini7199850212Missed mini and bog
2023-12-15Todd HighsmithMissed 8ct303-618-8597Replace + BOG6258441RC
23-12-18RichardDid not receive dressings and Mac was dry7203290170Replace market salad, "creamy Macn cheese" and shake3792Bud
2023-12-23Adam MarshallMissed sandwich 7193374000replace sandwich 6278068Hkm
KellyMissing frieReplace frie and sandwich
2023-12-29Martin wilsonGave wrong sandwiches 3038882440Free sandwich 6287397Hkm
2024-01-05Cindy MalcolmWas given unsweet instead of sweet tea(large) and said 8 count nugget was mushy?303 917 4689Replace nuggets and tea 6299133BCM
2024-01-05MARISA RODRIGUEZwanted grilled nuggets, got charged for classic ones719-406-7165Replace 12ct grilled + BOG6299316RC
2024-01-11Leah ProcopioMissing nuggets7207885256Replace + bog6312232Gf
2024-01-17Marni GoldsteinMissed cfa sandwich 951-316-9519Replace meal + BOG6323594RC
2024-02-08LyndseyGot regular nuggets instead of grilled nugguets6306971925Replace 12 grilled nuggets next time6370788AL
2024-02-14Marsha AlbertMissing 12 nuggets7206706467Replace 12 count + bog6384004Gf
2024-02-19Nicole CNo strawberries on salad720-840-9003Cover a salad + bog6392549Gf
2024-02-24Jason SmithMissed Spicy Sandwich303-725-1978Replace + BOG6405817RC
2024-02-27Zaid gleesWrong sw salad9563348701Replace salad with sw with nuggets and avocado ranch & bog 952Km